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Restaurant Advertising Service

You have seen them in restaurants around town and now couldn’t be a better time to give them a try!, You get 30,000 Placemats, Tray liners and or Take Out Menus printed and delivered for just $110.00 and we will do the artwork for the ad for FREE. Just send us what you want to say and your logo and we will e-mail back a proof.

For over 10 years now, KCI Graphics has been providing our Restaurant Advertising service for businesses and organizations in the Northeast Ohio/Southeastern Michigan area. Over 75% of our advertisers are repeat customers that have benefitted from our program, and with many of them we have been able to help them continue growing with our other marketing services such as Direct Mailing, Graphic Design and Printing, Web Design, and SEO Development just to name a few of the more popular services that we offer.

Benefits of Our Restaurant Advertising Program

One of the upsides of our restaurant advertising is that you are targeting an audience during a time when they are more likely to be relaxed and receptive. Most restaurant patrons spend an average of 10 to 15 minutes waiting for their order and usually 30-60 minutes for eating, presenting a golden opportunity for them to look over a place mat or the tray liner in addition to having the take out menu that can be taken with them. Many of the people who frequent these restaurants are members of the community who stop in regularly and will see your ad each time, allowing you to reach your target audience in a very direct and influential way.

Not Just For Placemats Anymore!

In the past our focus was primarily on the placemat advertising, but we have expanded our scope and now feature Take-Out Menus and Tray liners. Below is a little more info about each of our features as well as a sample image. Click the images to see enlarged versions of each.

  • Placemats - The tried and true method, placemat advertising has become an avenue of advertising that a lot of businesses and organizations are starting to use more and more often. With a viewership rate of 85% or more and a 55% renewal rate with advertisers, you would be hard pressed to find a method with the same rate of exposure for such a low cost.

    Placemat example
    Standard Placemat Layout

  • Take-Out Menus - Our advertising menus will have a cover with your business logo and information. The outside will feature advertisements while the inside is the actual menu information for your establishment.

    Take Out Menu example

    Take Out Menu example

  • Tray Liners - Same idea as the placemat except used to line the inside of a tray as opposed to sitting right on the table.

    Tray Liner example
    Standard Tray Liner Layout

Who Can Take Advantage of Restaurant Advertising?

Anybody can benefit from our restaurant advertising products! Some examples are:

  • If you're a local business and you want get more awareness for your brand
  • If you run a local charity, shelter, etc. and want to make people more aware of your services
  • If you are hosting an event and want as much exposure as possible
  • If you are running for local political office*

    * No competitive ads - We work on a first come first serve basis. KCI Graphics has no side when it comes to political and social issues. We are an equal opportunity business.

Although they may not have need of your business at that exact moment, your name will come to mind when that an individual or someone they know is in need of your specific services. Since they have seen you ad so often, you're name will pop in their head! Thousands of potential customers will see your ad giving you access to areas and people that you might not have necessarily reached before, all at a fraction of what it would cost to run an ad in the local newspaper, not to mention on a television or radio station.

Benefits for Restaurants

There are also upsides for a restaurant that uses our advertising. Besides having free placemats, liners, or take out menus, there is a good chance that the customers advertising in your establishment will be more motivated to bring potential clients there to eat. It can also have an affect on your word of mouth business. People who frequently see your ad are going to be more likely to spread the word around whenever they or someone they know is in need of your type of services. Also, whenever an advertiser talks about their ad campaign your businesses name will be brought into the conversation. Last but not least, our advertisements can sometimes help waitress when they are running a little behind by giving you something to look at and focus on for a few minutes until they can reach your table.

At Which Locations Can I Expect to See My Ad?

We currently deliver our restaurant advertisements to the following territories:

  • - Monroe
  • - Metro Toledo
  • - Bedford
  • - Jackson

Distribution list are available upon request

If you have any questions concerning what types of ads we run, please contact us by phone or email and we will get back with you ASAP.

407 E. Front St.
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 242-2058

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